The Deception of Progress vs. The Reality of Progress

There are times when we men must fess up to the reality of where we are in life. No better time than now. From our relationships to our hurts; from our frustrations to… Continue reading

The Egosexual Man

“A lot of men are taught that conquering women sexually is a craft.”

He Betrayed Melissa

One woman’s story of being betrayed

The Focused Man’s Creed

I strongly believe that men should live by a solemn creed–a man code that serves as a lifestyle. There is something great about a man who displays character and integrity, and who honors… Continue reading

Hello From the Staff of The Focused Man International (FMI)!

This blog was established as a place for and about men, and the issues we face daily. Think of it as “ManSpace,” like MySpace…get it? Well, this FMI blog won’t bombard you with… Continue reading