21 Things to Keep OFF Your Dating Menu – Part 1

Dating can have its ups and downs. This article deals with the first 10 of 21 basic, yet key ingredients for achieving healthy dating to help you experience more ups than downs in… Continue reading

Oh, So You Want Idris Then

I recently asked my single Facebook friends to share their top three deal breakers when it comes to finding the “right” mate. The responses came pouring in. Some were straight-to-the-point, some comedic and others,… Continue reading

The “180 Rule” Part 2

Ladies and Fellas, Ok. So here is the second installment of “The 180 Rule.” If you’re new to the 180 Rule series, please stop reading, and check out Part 1 and then come back.… Continue reading

Daddy’s Girls: The Phases of Daddyhood

I have two beautiful daughters: God’s gift to me. My daughters are my crowning jewels. I’m humbled to have been given the privilege to be called their dad. I remember the day when each of… Continue reading

The “180 Rule” Part 1

Ladies, face it. Men love looking at women. We’re visual creatures; and that’s how God made us. The ginormous Victoria’s Secret window displays aren’t made for you; but rather for men to salavate… Continue reading

Fatherhood: The Path of Hard Decisions

Part of my life is spent in hotel rooms and rental cars. Week after week, I check in at airports and sleep in foreign beds. Being away from my family has become an… Continue reading

Downtown Atlanta in Night Motion

Downtown Atlanta in Night Motion Originally uploaded by Focused Man Photography There are times when as a photographer, whether a pro or a novice, you have to go with your gut feeling…no matter… Continue reading

21 Characteristics of a Distracted Man

1. He is easily sidetracked. 2. He is convinced that he has it all together when in reality he doesn’t. 3. He is convinced that he only has a few issues that he… Continue reading

Creating Good Memories for Your Family

I travel ALOT! …sometimes weekly. My career requires that I commute often to help my organization make a global impact in the lives of people. I get to meet new people, and explore… Continue reading

A Dad’s Apology to #11

Below you’ll find a letter written to my son, Daniel who was 10 years old at the time. It’s simply about a dad (me) coming to grips with the fact that I’m not… Continue reading