Worst Advice to Give Your Daughters About Men

Worst Advice to Give Your Daughters About Men


Doesn’t it bother you when people, particularly men, believe the worst about you? Some guys just don’t get it. Treat a woman right, right? Don’t hurt her; love her. Don’t hate her; cherish her. Don’t dog her; support her.

Well, we men feel the same way and want the same thing. We don’t like it when women look down at us, talk down to us, and tell their friends and family how bad we are. We can get along if we simply do right by each other.

I wrote an article titled “Worst Advice to Give Your Sons About Women.” It was written to bring awareness to the fact that some men were taught early on to treat women poorly. Be sure to read and share it.

This post is a supplement to that article. Some women receive bad advice about men from their mothers, aunts, cousins, grandmothers, sisters and so on. Unfortunately, this affects relationships, family, business and so much more. You’ve heard it said that “It takes a village to raise a child.” True. But I’m concerned with how the village is raising kids these days.

So, let’s dive in. Here’s a short list that we put together of worst advice to give your daughters about men.

  1. All men are dogs. Accept it.
  2. Men will try to control you. Don’t let them.
  3. Don’t trust men. They’ll hurt you every time.
  4. It’s okay if a man cheats, just as long as he takes care of you.
  5. Sex is your greatest weapon–use it.
  6. It’s okay to cheat. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Just don’t get caught.
  7. ALWAYS show that you’re a strong, independent women who doesn’t need a man.
  8. Your money and how you spend is your business. So what if you’re married.
  9. Don’t date or marry a man who doesn’t make a certain amount of money and drives a certain kind of car.
  10. You’re smarter than men, so always take the lead. They just have to catch up.

Is this true? Is this the truth we want our daughters believing?

The truth of the matters is this. Our experiences and upbringing shape our perceptions about people. It’s dangerous when we only raise our children based on the hurt or adverse circumstances we experienced in life. Yes; we want our children to grow up to be strong and productive. Yes; they need to learn to survive. But let’s not negatively shape their perception about men and women in the process.

There are lot’s of great men looking for great women to connect with and spend the rest of their lives with. Have faith and stop looking in the gutter to find gold. We’re out here ladies!

I have two daughters. I want them to respect and honor men by first learning to honor and respect themselves. I make it a point to demonstrate what a good man is so they can sift through the mess that’s in the world.

Ladies, Men aren’t from Mars, and you’re not from Venus either. I’m from Miami actually. So let’s remain down-to-earth here in our perception of each other, and let’s watch what we teach our kids.

Let me know your thoughts.

Be sure to read, “Worst Advice to Give Your Sons About Women.”

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Stay Focused. Keep Moving. Never Go Back. Trust God!

-Mr. Focus