Worst Advice to Give Your Sons About Women

Worst Advice to Give Your Sons About Women

I have a saying: “Focused fathers raise focused sons, and distracted fathers raise distracted sons.” It’s my version of “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

You see; fathers have influence no matter how we look at it. That is just the way it is. Think about it. No matter what the circumstances were of your upbringing, you can fill in the blanks: “My dad _____, and because of that, I _____.” Your dad’s raising of you or his absence from your life influenced you in some way. Your way of thinking. Your way of living. Your habits. Your self-perception. Your perception of people. A father’s influence is critical.

Allow me to speak directly to my brothers right now. When it comes to our father’s influence on how we perceive people, what we learned about women has a great impact on our relationships with women. Some of us have awesome relationships. We do right by the women in our lives. Others of us, however, well, no muy bueno. There’s a reason: bad advice received from bad influencers.

So, here is my short list of the worst advice to give your sons about women.

  1. Men don’t cry, only women do.
  2. You’re a faggot. You’re weak. You act like a little girl. 
  3. Put women in their place.
  4. Don’t trust women.
  5. Son, be a man and get you some p___y.
  6. When she says “no,” she really means “yes.”
  7. Son, cheat, just don’t get caught.
  8. Women are bitches, bitches, bitches! All of them.
  9. All they want is your money.
  10. Don’t get married.

Whether you’re a father, grandfather, uncle, cousin, brother or friend, watch what you teach the boys around you. Don’t teach them to dominate women. Teach them to honor them instead. Don’t show them how to cheat. Demonstrate commitment instead.

Yes; you may have made mistakes and received bad advice from the older men in your life while growing up. Yes; you may have had some bad relationships and have been hurt. Get over it! Break the curse and raise this generation of young men to respect women and live focused lives.

I have a son and two daughters. At the time of this writing, he is 14 years old. My goal is to raise him to be a focused man so he can raise focused children when he starts a family. I don’t take it lightly if he disrespects his sisters or mom, and he knows it. He’s a great kid overall, and I don’t want TV to shape his words, character and habits. I’m raising him to be a good man like I am. I don’t mind saying that with confidence. My life is a great example to him. Why? Because my dad raised a focused son to respect and love women. His advice influenced me positively, and I’m grateful. Not a boast, just a toast to my dad!

I’m sure you can chime in with your own thoughts. Please do. Be sure to pass this article along to the men in your life. Thanks!

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As always,

Stay Focused. Keep Moving. Never Go Back. Trust God!

-Mr. Focus