5 Great Reasons You SHOULD Text & Drive

driving-texting_5 Great Reasons There is so much talk about texting and driving. Commercial after commercial. Ad campaign after ad campaign. We get bombarded from left to right. What’s the big deal? Busy people like us have smartphones that make it convenient for us to stay connected to the outside world, especially when we’re on the go. So, if we’re responsible drivers, why should we not text and drive, right? Well, here are my thoughts on why you SHOULD text while driving.

  1. You Have More Than Enough Cars to Spare
    • If replacing wrecked car after wrecked car isn’t a bank breaker for you, then text and drive. Buy a new one. No big deal.
  2. You Own the Road
    • When you’re behind the wheel, it’s your world and no one else’s. So, who cares if you unintentionally veer from one lane to the next without paying attention. Everyone else needs to back off! (Honk twice if you agree.)
  3. The Text You’re About to Send or Receive Can’t Wait
    • It’s okay. I understand. That one string of text messages from your friend or business associate simply is way too important to wait. You’re blazing from point A to point B, and “LOL’ing” and snapping that new Social Media selfie photo is what it is, important.
  4. Everyone Else Is Doing It
    • People text and drive. That’s apart of everyday life. Not everyone is causing wrecks, and you don’t plan to either. Why? Because you’re too careful and very responsible. Besides, your teenager sitting next to you in the car isn’t really paying attention to your example. She’s busy “LOL’ing” too.
  5. It Will Never Happen to You
    • Yea; texting while driving has claimed some lives. But then again, that happened to people who were just not as good a texter-driver as you, right? You can focus on more than one thing at a time. You’re that good.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m really not an advocate for texting and driving.

Do I text and drive from time to time? Honestly, yes. It is a bad practice. But, I have obligated myself to be more responsible and stop. Why? Because I value my life and the lives of the thousands of strangers I share the road with daily. Even more than that, I have three beautiful children to raise and live for who count on Daddy to come home every day. I can’t imagine some news headline reading, “Father of three killed while texting and driving. He was a good man his friends and family say. Now on to other news.” No way!

Folks, listen. Make no mistake. Texting while driving distracts us from what’s more important: SAFETY. I often teach people how to live focused lives. Sharing the truth about texting and driving is no different. Instead of texting and driving today, let’s remember these words, “TEXT & LIVE!”

Watch this video please. I believe it drives home the point.

As always,

Stay Focused. Keep Moving. Never Go Back. Trust God! Mr. Focus