21 Things to Keep OFF Your Dating Menu – Part 1

Dating can have its ups and downs. This article deals with the first 10 of 21 basic, yet key ingredients for achieving healthy dating to help you experience more ups than downs in your relationships. In Part 2 we pick up where we left off.

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  1. Constant Chatter About About the Past
    • We’ve all experienced challenges with past relationships. You’re in a new one now. So, focus on the good things you learned from the past, and avoid dwelling on the not-so-good.  Make new positive memories!
  2. Constant Chatter About Everyone Else
    • Some people make the mistake of constantly talking about the other people they admire, and spend little to no time telling the person they are with what they admire about them. Demonstrate that you value them too.
  3. Sexual Healing
    • Sex before marriage is not a cure-all, just like coffee doesn’t cure diseases. Sex may seem like it’s good to the last drop, but it shouldn’t define your relationship. Relationships that require sex to keep the passion burning, are those whose fire will eventually burn out.
  4. Thinking Silence Is Golden
    • It’s easy to keep silent about your mood or what bothers you. Good, constant communication is a key to long, healthy relationships.
  5. Lying to Look Good
    • Trust is a major ingredient to any relationship. Once a person starts lying to cover up what’s really going on, then corrosion starts eating away at the relationship, and the effects can be devastating.
  6. Overspending to Impress
    • Too many people get into financial trouble during the dating process while trying to impress the other person by spending money they don’t have. Don’t go into debt over dinner and a movie. It’s not worth it.
  7. Dating Multiple People at Once
    • Some people like to keep their “options open” when it comes to dating. The problem occurs when emotions get involved. If you feel dating multiple people at once is essential, then reconsider if dating is right for you at this time.
  8. Unresolved Arguments
    • Arguments can make or break a relationship. When you start a relationship, agree early on how to deal with your issues quickly and don’t let negative emotions fester overnight. Sleep on a bed of burning coals, and you will get burned.
  9. Over Assumptions About Thoughts, Emotions and Actions
    • Wrong assumptions can ruin even the best dating relationships. Listen first. Think second. Respond third. Simple but effective.
  10. Living Together Before Marriage
    • Co-habitating with the person you’re dating, especially prematurely, can have negative effects. Acting like you’re married without the actual commitment of marriage leaves the door wide open for a lack of commitment in other areas that matter most.

As always,

Stay Focused. Keep Moving. Never Go Back. Trust God!

-Mr. Focus