Fatherhood: The Path of Hard Decisions

Crossroad of Decisions

Part of my life is spent in hotel rooms and rental cars. Week after week, I check in at airports and sleep in foreign beds. Being away from my family has become an unfortunate norm. Work.

Some people would love to travel and see the world as much as I do. Hopping from city to city to them would be an exciting adventure. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy traveling…sometimes.

Honestly, there are times when I don’t enjoy criss-crossing the globe. Like the times when I see the look of disappointment on my children’s faces when I have to break the news about me traveling somewhere for the weekend. It breaks my heart all of the time when they sigh. It tears me apart.

My son once said, “Daddy, maybe we can do something as a family this weekend.” He said it with such excitement. His eyes were lit wide open. Mind you, he said this after I had come back from Washington, DC. His shoulders and head drooped when I told him, “Son, I have to be in Cleveland this weekend.”  He was sad and so was I.

That scene has been replaying in my head ever since. I hate disappointing my kids. I grew up with lots of empty promises and had my share of bouts with disappointment.

It’s 6:42 am as I write this blog entry. I’m in Cleveland. Today is my son’s second football game. I missed his first game, and will now miss his second. Bummer. He didn’t do so well at the first game. He was a little nervous. Daddy, his twin, his hero wasn’t there.

As for today, my prayer is that he fights through the pressure to sit on the sidelines, and plays to the best of his ability. He’s a great athlete, and an even greater student of life. It’s hard being away from my family today.

I know I usually write something inspirational to help men stay focused. My goal is to lead men to the crossroad of decision, and help them choose the route God has destined for them.

But today, I’m simply a father who travels the path of hard decisions.