Downtown Atlanta in Night Motion

There are times when as a photographer, whether a pro or a novice, you have to go with your gut feeling…no matter the time of day or location.

With that said, my gut told me to hit the streets late one night and photograph Atlanta in motion. So I did. I’m an adventure freak; a spur-of-the-moment kind of guy…always have been.

This photo was taken on the top deck of a parking garage overlooking the Georgia Connector, a merging point for Interstate highways I-85 & I-75 in Atlanta, GA. Locals may recognize the famous (or infamous) Varsity restaurant in the distance toward the left. The Varsity is notorious for their good but greasy hamburgers and fries. (That’s an oxymoron: “good but greasy”). I’ve never had my gut tell me to eat there.

Motion photography is very interesting. Capturing life as it moves is an awesome thing. There’s nothing like wielding the power of freeze frame.

This Atlanta-in-motion shot was taken some time after midnight one Friday. Atlanta wasn’t sleeping that night. People were on the move. “I wonder where they’re headed” could be a nice subtitle to this photo.

The next time you find yourself really busy heading somewhere to perform your daily routine, pause midstream to capture the essence of the moment. That may mean taking a photo of something memorable, entering a note in your journal, or simply stopping to enjoy the moment. “Stop and smell the roses” wherever you are in the world.

Life is an entity. It breathes. It exists. It takes on various shapes and sizes. It just is. Life, some say, is what you make it. The only way I know to do that is to seek help from its Creator. I can of my own self do nothing without the presence of the Creator. For me, creativity exudes and flourishes in His presence.

When I took this photo, He wasn’t on my mind to be quite honest. But looking back at this frozen moment in time, I now realize that God was there watching me. I’m grateful that He’s always there. You?

Stay focused!
aka “The Focused Man”