21 Characteristics of a Distracted Man

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1. He is easily sidetracked.

2. He is convinced that he has it all together when in reality he doesn’t.

3. He is convinced that he only has a few issues that he can handle, and believes that he is “good to go.”

4. He believes that his life is heading in the right direction because of all the doors of opportunity that open for him, when in reality he’s making mistakes along the way.

5. He spends little to no time developing a relationship with God.

6. He is vulnerable to temptations.

7. He deals with his insecurities by joining social networks, but still remains insecure.

8. He is constantly busy doing many things that only he thinks are important, and he thinks that’s a good thing.

9. He allows just about anyone to speak into his life and influence his decisions.

10. He is often tired and frustrated with his life.

11. He rarely takes time to develop positive friendships with other men, especially Christian men.

12. He fails to deal with the root causes of his problems.

13. He may be a Christian who attends church on occasion, but he secretly longs for the “good old days” of sin and pleasure.

14. He envies the worldly lifestyle…the world’s money, the world’s fame and yes the world’s women!

15. He jumps from relationship to relationship, and he’s still unhappy and still unfulfilled.

16. He’s a double-minded man who seems to never make progress in life.

17. He starts multiple businesses, but isn’t successful at any.

18. He is pessimistic and often compares himself with other men, and rarely recognizes his strengths.

19. He doesn’t know the will of God for his life and doesn’t know how to seek it.

20. He allows his relationships to hinder his spiritual growth and commitment to God.

21. He’s living in deception but doesn’t realize it.

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Stay focused. Keep moving. Never go back. Trust God!

-Mr. Focus