A Dad’s Apology to #11

Below you’ll find a letter written to my son, Daniel who was 10 years old at the time. It’s simply about a dad (me) coming to grips with the fact that I’m not spending quality time with my son like I should. Like many “good” dads, I’ve allowed work to get in the way. Dads, read on and let’s do better.


father & son

Dad hugs and kisses his son

Daniel My Son,

I’m SO PROUD of you. You’re doing an awesome job in school. You’re hitting the books everyday. Kid, you’re pretty cool for a 5th grader.

By the way, I like how you’re handling the situation with the girl you like in school. She’s cute. I like how you’re not letting her see you sweat, even though we know the real deal. Yea, she’s taller than you, and no, she doesn’t get giddy when you come around. But it’s okay.

Listen, I’ve had my share of weak-in-the-knees moments back in the day.

Anyways. Last night when we where at the grocery store, I kept staring at you and smiling. I do that often, because you are a special kid, and I’m privileged to know you. I see me in you and so much more. I love you so much that you can’t imagine. Remember, “you’re my favorite kid Super Hero!”

The Apology

Well son, I have to apologize for something that I’ve failed to do. Recently, you started playing basketball. Every day I see how much being a part of something like B-Ball means to you and your confidence.

I’ve only been to one of your practices, and none of your games. Sad. For that I apologize. I’ve allowed work to get in the way. Yes; I’m working on a MAJOR project. But nothing is greater than spending time with you when you need me the most. Projects will come and go, but you and me kid, are forever.

Your mom told me what you said Saturday while I was at work. “Mommy, I miss daddy.” Man, that broke my heart son.


Fixing the Net

Well, I’m fixing it NOW! My dad, your “grandpapa” was always in my life and demonstrated love constantly. Unfortunately, I don’t ever recall him getting involved in my extra curricular activities. Yes, he was proud that I was achieving great things, but I now realize that I needed his involvement more than anything. A dad’s involvement is worth more than dollars and cents. My “Pursuit of Happyness” means nothing if you’re not happy in the pursuit of yours.

Daniel, my twin, I’m making a commitment to being a better dad. I’ll attend your games and practices to cheer you on, and build you up. What I do better today, will help you tomorrow when you need it the most.

#11, I look forward to seeing you wear your jersey and new B-Ball sneakers. I’ll be the extra-excited dad with the digital camera snapping pictures while you’re running up and down the court with kids twice your size. I’ll be there to capture the moment. By the way, let’s work together to fix the basketball net at home. It’s long overdue!

Son, I love you!

Your #1 Fan,