The Deception of Progress vs. The Reality of Progress

There are times when we men must fess up to the reality of where we are in life. No better time than now. From our relationships to our hurts; from our frustrations to our fears; from our finances to our sex lives, let’s be real.

Listen, a lot of guys are good at putting up a front. After all, we have reputations to protect, right? C’mon guys. We have to change the way we think. Why? So we can change the way we live.

It’s time to stop deceiving ourselves. The private lives of most guys is not that painting they put on display in their public galleries. It’s a mask of deception.

Behind Closed Doors

We have to be men of integrity…in public and behind closed doors. Yes; we’re making progress in certain areas of our lives. But what about the one area that we gloss over in discussions, or keep hidden all together? I’m talking about the issues that some guys are embarrassed about.

Okay. Enough. This isn’t a beat down blog post. Instead, think of it as a pick-me up, if you prefer. I recognize the hurt men often try to hide. I’ve been there and yes, done that…plenty of times.

Men, let’s make real progress in those areas where we’re falling short. You know what they are.

How? Simple.

  1. Start a journal to track your progress (which most guys hate)
  2. Confess the truth about you to you (which most guys don’t)
  3. Change your crappy habits (which most guys really need to do)
  4. Get rid of your no-progress-making friends (which most guys have a lot of)
  5. Study the lives of progress-making people in the area you’re struggling with (which most guys don’t do enough of)
  6. Adopt a mentor (which most guys don’t have)
  7. Avoid camping out for too long after small victories (which most guys tend to do)
  8. Turn to God (which ALL guys should do)

Stay focused!

-Oscar Camejo Jr.