An Urgent Letter to Distracted Men

Dear D.M.,  I hope all is well. I’m writing this letter to you with a sense of urgency. Your life literally depends on it. I’m concerned about you, and have been for awhile.… Continue reading

[Survey] Women, why do you love a man who can cook?

Ladies, Does it really matter if your man can cook? Why? Share your feedback for an up-and-coming blog.   Please take the survey below to voice your thoughts. Thanks.

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You Can Flourish After Divorce

Think of marriage as a tree. Once that tree is cut down by the axe called “divorce,” no matter what the reason that led to its demise, the tree begins to die. You… Continue reading

10 Key Reasons to Showcase Your Talent

Do people know you? I mean, do they really know Y.O.U. (Your Outstanding Uniqueness)? And when I say “people,” I mean the world outside of your close friends and family. There maybe lots… Continue reading

Worst Advice to Give Your Daughters About Men

Ladies, Doesn’t it bother you when people, particularly men, believe the worst about you? Some guys just don’t get it. Treat a woman right, right? Don’t hurt her; love her. Don’t hate her;… Continue reading

Worst Advice to Give Your Sons About Women

I have a saying: “Focused fathers raise focused sons, and distracted fathers raise distracted sons.” It’s my version of “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” You see; fathers have influence no… Continue reading

5 Great Reasons You SHOULD Text & Drive

There is so much talk about texting and driving. Commercial after commercial. Ad campaign after ad campaign. We get bombarded from left to right. What’s the big deal? Busy people like us have… Continue reading

21 Things to Keep OFF Your Dating Menu – Part 2

In Part 1 of “21 Things to Keep OFF Your Dating Menu,” I shared the first 10 of 21 key ingredients for healthy dating. I whole heartedly believe that single people need sound guidance when making relationship… Continue reading

My Favorite Focus Point From Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s life and legacy live on beyond the expiration of his life on earth. So much can be said about him and his accomplishments. I’ll simply allow his words… Continue reading